Monday, September 27, 2010

Eva has pretty long legs

Devin flew down a couple of weeks ago to backpack with me and my little girls. We all went with Gordon and Lily to Turkey Creek hot springs in the Gila Wilderness in southwest New Mexico. Super fun.

I'm hoping Gordon posts a photo of his Gila trout and a video of 9-year-old Lily telling 25-year-old Devin to "step aside!" after he thought for a little too long about the 10-foot cliff jump into the 85-degree, 9-foot pool. And that Devin posts a photo of the tunnel or cliffs or waterfall or windmill or some of the other great scenery we saw. But here's what you get from me:

On the way up, Eva had to hike more than anyone else. Not farther, just for a larger amount of time. She took plenty of breaks, but they were a bit shorter than others'. For instance, we stopped for a while at a nice spot on the river where there were plenty of boulders and enough space between the canyon walls to lounge and play.

After a nice rest and when it was time for us to move on, Eva wanted to watch Gordon fish.

"Sorry Eva, we've got to get going."
"Why, dad? Gordon and Lily aren't going yet."
"Because they have long legs and you have these little short legs. You need a head start."

A couple of hours and about a mile later, Eva and I were plodding along in silence a couple of river bends behind everyone else when she said, "I have pretty long legs, though."
"Compared to what, a two-year-old?"
"Compared to a Daddy Long Leg."

It's true. She does. And Daddy Long Legs have pretty long legs.