Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Karate Kid-ette

Don't tell Jaden Smith, star of the Karate Kid and Will Smith's son. But Eva really identifies with her.

She kept saying, "She hates it there because she keeps getting beat up" or "They're mean to her." And one of us would say, "That's a boy."

A couple of minutes later, she'd say, "She's a fast runner." And one of us would say, "That's actually a boy."

"I call it a girl because of her hair and her voice."

"So Eva, that's not very modest of that girl to be doing Kung Fu without a shirt on, is it?"
"Well, it's because she's sweaty and hot. That's why she took her shirt off."

I bet she called him a girl 25 times during the movie.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Truchas backpack

I went backpacking (solo) a couple of weeks ago while the little girls were at their grandmas' houses.

I hiked 6 miles the first day, at least 16 miles the second day and 14 miles the third day. Started and ended at Santa Barbara Campground. Made it to the top of North Truchas Peak, one of three 13,000-foot peaks in New Mexico.

I saw a herd of elk, two groups of bighorn sheep, several marmots (aka rock chucks) and a few pikas. I didn't even know the pika lived in New Mexico and it's one of my favorite animals.

I'll stop right there and let you think this was the smoothest, most successful backpacking trip I've ever experienced. Any questions?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

That's my thing

Saturday at our friends' apartment swimming pool:

While Eva hit the restroom, Isobel and I tested the hot tub.
I paused at about knee depth -- "Wow! That's hot." -- and looked over at Isobel. She was already up to her neck.

"Isn't it hot?"
"Not really. This is my thing. When I shower, I turn it on this hot. I like hot water. It's just my thing."

About 5 minutes later, Eva was dipping her toes in the water and Isobel was headed back to the pool. A couple of minutes after that, Eva had eased in up to her shins.

"I have to let the water get warm and then get in a little bit more. This is just how I am. I don't know, it's just how I am. Is this how Isobel is?"
"No. Isobel got right in up to her neck and said, 'This is my thing.' "
"Hmm. That's how she is. But this is how I am."