Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Karate Kid-ette

Don't tell Jaden Smith, star of the Karate Kid and Will Smith's son. But Eva really identifies with her.

She kept saying, "She hates it there because she keeps getting beat up" or "They're mean to her." And one of us would say, "That's a boy."

A couple of minutes later, she'd say, "She's a fast runner." And one of us would say, "That's actually a boy."

"I call it a girl because of her hair and her voice."

"So Eva, that's not very modest of that girl to be doing Kung Fu without a shirt on, is it?"
"Well, it's because she's sweaty and hot. That's why she took her shirt off."

I bet she called him a girl 25 times during the movie.


Share :) said...

That's such an awesome story! Eva rocks! Can I have her?

Arrington said...

haha .. thanks for the good, deep belly laugh! :)

angryyoungwoman said...

Aaawww. That's sweet.